T&T Dynamite Productions- photography | styling | workshops | publication | wardrobe & prop rentals | design
Tanja Lippert & Tia Reagan, together "T&T Dynamite" have been collaborating creatively together since 2003. Over the years, they have produced thousands of photo shoots, photographed & styled hundreds of events & traveled all over the world creating art & imagery. These two gals have a burning desire to keep producing the best possible art they can, wherever they roam & with whoever crosses their paths! Tanja & Tia conceptualize, design, produce, style & photograph imagery that evokes feeling & inspiration. Recently, we have embarked on the journey of celebrating the art, photography, travel, relationships, beauty & adventure by publishing a bi-annual "fine art journal" in magazine form. They are gearing up to launch an online "wardrobe rental" company where photographers & stylists will be able to rent unique clothing, shoes, jewelry, hats & accessories for their shoots & films. A few times a year, these gals team up to teach workshops dedicated to photographers who want to "UP THEIR GAME" when it comes to creating the best imagery possible. Feel free to explore our sites and drop us a line if you are interested in collaborating on a project!